pressSIGN 11


pressSIGN 11 standard edition - measures and controls the printing process.

pressSIGN makes it easy to print to all the international printing standards - ISO 12647, GRACoL® G7®, SWOP, Japan Colour. pressSIGN is a GRACoL G7 Certified System.

Create your own print standards based on any ICC profile, CMYK and Multi-Colour, or by measuring a previously printed sheet.

Main features of pressSIGN 11 include:-

  • DDA - Dynamic Density Adjustment predicts the correct density adjustment
  • DDA Compensates for dry back
  • All international print targets supported - customise print targets
  • Auto Substrate Adjustment
  • Export Tonal Curves to RIP or PDF workflow
  • Choice of 3 tonal curve adjustments, TVI (dot gain), Neutral Print Density or 4CX grey balance technology
  • Includes PANTONE™ Libraries for spot colour printing add custom libraries
  • Support for range of spectrophotometers from X-Rite, Techkon, Barbieri and Konica Minolta
  • Manual or auto adjust print target according to paper colour
  • Colour bar generator - create any colour bar for CMYK + 12 spot colours
  • Generate measurement reports
  • Easy to read traffic light scoring system with default settings - fully user configurable

pressSIGN Print Targets

Users have many options when setting up print targets. All the following international standards are supported:

  • 12647-2
  • 12647-3
  • 12647-4
  • 12647-6
  • 12647-7
  • GRACoL G7
  • ISO 15339
  • ISO 15311
  • Japan Colour

In addition, a previously measured printed job can become a future target in pressSIGN. This makes it easy to match previously printed work.

Any CMYK or Multi-Colour ICC profile can be a print target.

pressSIGN 11